Yung Miami - Rap Freaks Official Video

Yung Miami - Rap Freaks Official Video

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Yung Miami "Rap Freaks" Lyrics:

I’m on a runway Ion see a Tory in my lane I’m with em savages

Drive the boat sit on Megan face, ride it like a stallion

Everything we do is on da low fuck social media 

I wanna take a flight with Durk fuck him in India 

tryna go baby on baby, if I could fuck em both that’ll be crazy, 

Future Needa come and find this pussy like He Dora 

Real hood bitch I ain’t nothin like Lori 

How u want it we could rich or we could do sum drunk sex

Have Meek spittin’ in this cat like he on funk flex

Money bag I’m in the yo I got a hit song

I need a verse come thru, just leave ya bitch home

Pussy hot and ready bring it to you like it’s door dash 

I can’t even picture myself fuckin’ on lil Kodak 

Many men wanna suck dis clit but I want 50 cent

I’ll prolly let Gotti hit cuz he got them bricks

Have Rod wave singin’ in this pussy like a funeral

Put a ring on it tom Brady at the super bowl 

I’m real pretty and siddity , took a jet to a private island on a date with Diddy

I like bad boys no hoe shit, Diddy let me put it in ya face like dem roaches

And put ya rich ass to sleep buenas noches

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